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Call Analytics Making Business Easier

  What is Call Analytics? Call analytic software is a game changer for the world of marketing. A better know how of your customers is what a brand wants.   Imagine if there was a way to track down your calls and have the entire trace of your ad which made the person call you, right at your disposal.   …

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Getting to Know Pay Per Call

Pay per call has been around for a while now. It is not exactly how it used to be previously as it has grown well with the recent technologies especially the smartphones. Earlier it was harder for people as they had to note down the number of the advertisers somewhere and then call but now they have the opportunity of …

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Battle of the call analytics software platforms

Battle of The Call Analytics Platforms

It is not easy these days to be a call center manager, business owner or IT Director as compared to the past. With the passing time customers are becoming more and more aware of the options they can avail and in addition to that their demands are also becoming tougher. They would incline towards the source/ agency that can provide …

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Call Analytics for Call Centers how to use

How Call Centers benefit for Call Analytcs

Nowadays we see that many marketing companies and agencies are using call center system to maximize their customer’s needs and improve their sales etc. A call center that would truly be called excellent is the one that knows its performance inside out. Knowing the status of their services would allow them improving and moving further in the marketplace. There should …

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How Marketers Can Use Call Analytics

How to Use Call Analytics

Before we go on and discuss how call analytics should be used, we must first know what call analytics actually is. To put it simply, call analytics as referred by most marketers as, phone call data being measured, collected, analyzed and reported. All this information collected through call analysis helps marketers and sales teams to draw insights and also makes …

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